Your Top Five Will and Testament Considerations

It can be hard to admit that at some point your life will end and your family members will need to handle your affairs in your absence, but taking early and proactive responsibility for your estate will ensure that everything is cared for properly after your death. It’s important to speak with a Tampa law firm who understands the rules in Florida.

What is a Last Will and Testament?
Commonly known as a Will, this document clearly and concisely conveys all of your wishes regarding your finances, family members, and estate holdings. Writing a Last Will ensures that you leave behind the items of your choosing to the right people and that any children and spouse are properly protected and supported. You need to be sure to include the following items in a Last Will so that all of the most important “What Ifs” are covered.

Choose and Name an Executor
Writing a Will won’t do much good if you don’t elect a trusted person to carry out your last wishes. Your executor should be someone you trust with your most personal matters and can rely upon to respect your plans. It’s also helpful for that person to be skilled with organization and numbers, since the financial elements of Last Wills can become rather complex.

Select Beneficiaries
When you pass away, who should your property go to? Depending on the size of your family and your marital status, you may have a different answer than someone else your age. Most people allocate money and assets to spouses, children, relatives, and sometimes close friends. You simply list who receives what so there is no potential for confusion.

Protect Your Children
If your children are still young, you want to make provisions for who will become the guardian of your children if something were to happen to you. Even if you are married, this is an important step because it ensures everything is covered in case your spouse is not available to support your children either.

A Tampa estate planning lawyer can help you navigate the legalities of this paperwork to make sure it is properly signed and witnessed to maintain its legitimacy.

The Dangers of Riding a Motorcycle

Riding a motorcycle is more than a hobby for most people: it’s an identity. Cities around the country celebrate bikers with various festivals and tours that honor the age-old tradition. As more people become motorcycle riders, more attention is being placed on the safety pitfalls of riding. Nearly 5,000 riders die every year on American roads alone, making it 30 times more likely for motorcyclists to die on the road than car drivers. While some of the dangers are within the control of motorcycle riders, others are not.

motorcylceMotorcycle Awareness

Awareness of motorcycles from other vehicles is a major point of attention recently for motorcycle advocates. Cars are encouraged to share the road with motorcyclists and remain vigilant of motorcycles while driving. The Motorcycle Safety Foundation, for instance, wants “to make motorcycling safer and more enjoyable by ensuring access to lifelong quality education and training for current and prospective riders, and by advocating a safer riding environment.”

Groups like the Motorcycle Safety Foundation use campaigns to teach proper motorcycle and vehicle safety on the road. Cars need to use signals consistently and provide riders enough space on the road, while motorcyclists need to slow down in traffic and remain visible.


Just like when riding a bicycle, helmets are an integral piece of motorcycle safety. In 2013, almost 2,000 motorcyclists survived crashes due to their helmets, while another 715 could have survived if they had worn helmets. If you’ve been injured in an accident, you should consult with a tampa motorcycle accident attorney like the Catania & Catania, law firm.

Bad Weather

Rain and snow are dangerous enough for cars on four wheels, so it goes without saying that poor weather is not the best time for motorcyclists to be on the road. Motorcycles do not have the stability or protection of automobiles, and precipitation can cut visibility and make it harder for tires to grip the roadway.  

Finding Representation

If you are a motorcycle rider injured in an accident due to the negligence of another driver, you need to find representation from a personal injury attorney. Your medical bills, lost wages, workers compensation Tampa and pain and suffering can all be compensated if the right lawyer advocates for you.

Getting The Right Marketing For Your Law Firm

Ace Legal MarketingEven with an established business name, a considerable number of lawyers fail to attain a sustainable number of clients

– this is where a outside marketing firm can help.

The origin and solution to the problem of insufficient clients lie in the techniques of law firm marketing on which you can rely on. Thus, it is crucial for any law firm to understand precisely the dynamics of law firm marketing.

Effective Techniques to Lawyer Marketing

1. Driving sufficient revenues into marketing

Just like any other business entity, a law firm would typically face considerable competition in the market from other established firms. For that reason, the amount of money a law firm sets aside for marketing determines its eventual success. This marketing involves the use of enough money to accomplish direct marketing activities such as visiting clients or online lead generation.

2. Media adverts

Presently, the internet is one of the most efficient media for advertising one’s business. A law firm could readily win the hearts of many customers by posting videos or helpful content for clients. A Law firm could also generate leads through advertisements on the other forms of media such as the social media, TV, and radio.

law firm marketing help

3. Unwavering focus on available clients

Most businesses often begin with a given number of loyal customers. Law firms could also concentrate on these readily-available clients to expand their activities. Law marketing is often an easy undertaking if the service delivered is reliable. The few clients would acts as agents to market the efficient activities that their favorable law firm delivers.

Law firm marketing involves utilization of virtually all the marketing activities that a typical business would use. Apparently, various result-oriented strategies for law firm marketing exist. However, the bottom-line is for a law firm to understand its client towards establishing a loyal customer base.